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Can you maintain backups of local data? These days, it may seem like everything is going to the cloud, but it is a security best practice to retain local backups. It can be handy to maintain data backups that you keep local, enhance control over your data, and give you peace of mind to know where your data is stored. In the event of a malware or ransomware attack being successful? Local data backups will easily get you back up and running, or stop paying a costly ransom to get your data back.

Mishandled local knowledge can also, however, be a source of data breaches. Make sure you keep yours secure with these five security enhancement techniques.

How to Enhance the reliability of local data backup in your business

Make sure you do it smartly if you’re keeping your local data backed up. In their company security protocols, several cybersecurity professionals write the 3-2-1 backup process. This method involves the storage of at least three recent copies of your data: the storage of two copies locally on various storage media or locations and the storage of one more copy with a cloud storage provider. In view of this best practise, we suggest that you take the time to:

1. Update Your Policies for Protection

Make sure that you are using local backups for your data in your security policies, because this has consequences for your overall strategy. Your processes, the actions you take to comply with your rules, should include such things as:

2. Revisit your Strategy for Incident Response

Local backups of data can mean that all of your information stays within easy reach, which may give you some peace of mind. However, you’ll need to have a contingency on hand for certain physical devices in the event of an incident or a catastrophe. Make sure that your incident response plan contains procedures for protecting your locally backed up data, if not physically removing it.

3. Everything Encrypt

Every 53 seconds, according to Gartner, someone steals a company-issued computer or gadget. Imagine if your backups were kept by that unit. Although you should have strict access controls in place, another layer of security is offered by encryption. It ensures that they are unable to acquire the data themselves even though anyone accesses the computer or file location.

4. Choose your place of storage wisely

Room can be tight in small offices. However, in a high-traffic area where someone can walk up to them, you don’t want the server storing your backups. Make sure a safe spot, such as a locked cabinet or closet, is chosen.

5. Consider a Vendor Use

In the tech world today, managed service providers are popular. To keep the data securely backed up at their offices, these professionals have the facilities and experience. They might also be able to assist you in automating it, making sure you never miss an update.

Get custom data protection policies built in minutes for your business. By designing, executing and maintaining your cyber security, Genius Fixers guides you. Give us a call @ 703-419-9000

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