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Innovative solutions provided by IT services in Virginia

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Innovative solutions provided by IT services in Virginia

Innovative solutions are offered by Genius fixers, enabling consumers to adopt innovations that stimulate the potential success of their businesses. Associated with collective market, technological and industry experience, we develop creative IT services, alongside application and security services leveraging both cloud and conventional technologies. From customer engagement to technology deployment to service delivery, we give you insight over the entire IT service to our experience in emerging innovations and validated practices.

IT Services

Essential kinds of IT services

  • Software

This mainly focuses on the maintenance of software properties (SAM). Under SAM, organizations seek to ensure their end-user arrangements are up-to – date and consistent with their tech licenses. Furthermore, by identifying outdated and obsolete permits, the SAM service provider can look to reduce device costs. As an example, the SAM service provider would first search for expired inactive licenses rather than obtaining a new license for a new employee.

  • Hardware

IT hardware systems are a key component for any organization, be it notebooks, workstations, printers, or servers. A failure or hardware loss, though, may have a significant effect on the company’s sales and ability to perform on schedule to the consumer. This is where facilities for IT hardware come into play. These kinds of IT services help organizations sustain a stable and safe operation of their computers and other hardware properties. In addition, the IT service provider will delete the hard drive even after removing the device to ensure that the company’s data and sensitive information is not exposed.

  • Mobile device management (MDM)

Today, it is the standard for workers to carry their own phones to work and use them for work purposes. Not every organization, however, has a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) scheme in place to safeguard their information and properties on these external devices. Via mobile device management (MDM), an IT services provider can help incorporate BYOD in your enterprise. This helps you to impose security measures on the phones of your staff.

The value of MDM is that it guarantees that your data and software can only be reached through protected devices. And in the case of devices that are missing or stolen, MDM will enable you to delete data remotely from those devices, keeping your data protected.

  • Internet infrastructure

The internet infrastructure of an organization will usually also include internet access and internal networking among computers and other equipment. The primary priority of the IT services provider whenever it relates to networks is to keep the network safe from internal and external attacks. This is normally achieved by deploying and maintaining firewalls in order to prevent malicious traffic from approaching the business. In order to spot and respond to irregular traffic and intrusions, it will also track the network. Businesses with remote control, payment systems and other particular forms of networks would often need to be monitored by an IT service provider around the clock.

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